Home texile skill of choose and buy

Home spins skill of choose and buy

Choose according to fabric

Different fabrics have a quality difference in the cost, good fabrics and workmanship can show the effect of the product, otherwise, in the purchase of anti-shrinkage, anti-wrinkle, soft, flat and other finishing cloth and curtain products should be cautious, pay attention to whether the fabric label marked formaldehyde content.

Selection according to process

Process is divided into printing and dyeing process and textile process.Printing and dyeing is divided into ordinary printing and dyeing, semi-active, active printing and dyeing is certainly better than ordinary printing and dyeing;Textile is divided into plain, twill, printing, embroidery, jacquard, the process is more and more complex, the fabric is more and more soft.

Look at the labels. Look at the packaging

Formal enterprise product identification content is relatively complete, address, telephone clear, product quality is relatively good;For those products with incomplete, non-standard, inaccurate markings, or rough packaging and ambiguous printing, consumers should be careful to buy.

To smell the smell

Consumer spins a product in the home of choose and buy when, still can smell smell to have peculiar smell.If the product gives off an irritating odor, there may be formaldehyde residue, it is best not to buy.

Pay attention to color matching