Q&A for home textile fabrics

Does cotton = pure cotton?

Pure cotton is pure cotton, and cotton is pure cotton.More than 75% of cotton is called cotton, so pure cotton and cotton from the cotton is the same.It's called differently or said differently.

How about traditional denim sheets?

Old coarse sheets are skin friendly, no irritation to the skin, warm in winter and cool in summer, soft in texture.The disadvantage is that it is easy to shrink, the width is not large and the design is simple.

What is the count of fabric?

Yarn count is a form of yarn representation. The unit of measurement of yarn is usually expressed in common count.The count depends on the length and weight of the yarn.The higher the count of the yarn, the finer the yarn, the thinner the cloth, and the softer and more comfortable the cloth.

What is twill fabric?

Twill fabric is warp and weft interwoven at least once every two yarns, the use of adding warp and weft interweaving points, change the fabric structure.There are positive and negative points, a complete tissue cycle in the interweaving point is less, the floating line is longer, the feel is soft, the tissue fabric density is higher, the product is thicker, the organization three-dimensional sense is stronger.

How about the woolen material?

Grinding cloth is a post-finishing of printing and dyeing. Because the wool is better, it must be active printing. Grinding bed products are soft, warm, comfortable and rich in texture in winter, and the quality is better than cotton, so the price is higher