Yarn prepareation

A wide variety of film materials is typically used including starch, polyvinyl alcohol, carboxymethyl cellulose, gums, glues, dextrine, acrylic film, synthetic polymers, and copolymers.Sizing provides the warp with a certain strength by compacting the fibers with a glue, for staple-fiber yarns (or spun yarns), starch and polyvinyl alcohol are the size films most often used. Synthetic polymers are used for sizing filament yarn.

Yarn Sizing, the size material must be removed using the so-called desizing process, spun yarns are coated with a temporary protective film for withstand the rigorous weaving process.

Treated with a paraffin wax coat in dry state to provide a smooth yarn surface during weaving. This type of treatment must be very uniform along the yarn length, our engineer skillful at handle The relationship between wax content and yarn coefficient of friction

Stretches the yarn, possibly beyond its elastic limit, and it involves a great deal of rubbing, inter yarn friction, and yarn/metal abrasion, mechanical stresses on the spun yarn