Mega Joule Fabric specializes in the design and development of decorative fabrics, customizing jacquard, plain, embroidery, print and velvet fabrics for curtains, sheer,softgoods and upholstery in unlimited quantities to suit a variety of performance specifications, budgets and schedules. Our custom fabrics include the development of fabrics and fabrication of curtains, pillows, bed runner and bed skirts to achieve high quality.

Distinguishing between textiles used for residential and those used for industrial or commercial purposes, fabrics for commercial areas offer very high durable and environments friendly such as hotels, public communities, offices, conference centers and restaurants with personal style, durability, and color fading resistance. Commercial projects need to produce a fabric that complies with national building codes, for example, fabrics used in hotels need to meet strict flame retardant requirements, and fabrics used in commercial appearances need to be mildew resistant and waterproof. We work directly with executives, civil project managers, commercial designers, commercial real estate professionals and builders to provide them with contract grade commercial interiors to meet their project needs. Mega Joule Contracts fabric offers you the ideal fabric solution to meet your customers' needs., we believe that we are capable of meeting not only your expectations, but also our wide range of colors, styles, patterns and textures fabrics use for hotel from lobbies to guest rooms. 

Our fabrics including nature fiber or composed of synthetic fibers that produce in a highly durability, following synthetic fibers are commonly used in the weaving of commercial fabrics: 

Polyester    Cotton    Linen    Wool    Viscose    Rayon   Acrylic    Nylon

Commercial textile are widely used and below are some of the most common industries in which commercial upholstery fabrics and curtain are widely used