Dry cleaning is recommended, avoid hot air with a hair dryer, do not iron at temperatures above 110 degrees, and do not bleach.

A vacuum absorbs large particles.Before deep cleaning, you want to remove any debris or particles from the surface.Use a dust collector or hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner and use long, narrow attachments to enter the gaps.Vacuum all surfaces of the mat.Remove the cushions and vacuum the bottom of the sofa.Cleaning agents should not be twisted on the fabric for too long to prevent corrosion of its quality.

Use a bristle brush.If there's a lot of dirt or grime on the stain, brush the stain off with a stiff bristle brush and then vacuum up any residual dust.Rub hard, but not so hard that you damage the fabric.


Remove wool and fur.While there are companies that make products specifically for homes with pets, regular vacuum cleaners can't remove down or pet hair.Use the shaving roller to rub off anything that the vacuum cleaner can't scrape off.Make a systematic mesh over the entire surface of the sofa to make sure you don't miss any hair.

Wipe down all exposed hard surfaces. A lot of furniture has exposed fabrics or other materials, and you want to make sure you pay attention to them as well.Find a cleaning product that fits the surface you want to clean.If you don't have a surface specific product on hand, a general purpose surface cleaner will suffice.

If the spray area is wide, spray the spray onto a paper towel and simply rub the paper towel onto the surface that needs to be cleaned. This will prevent unwanted chemicals from getting on your fabric.