Flame retardant contract fabric aimed at high end hospitality and residential design. An elaborate mix of yarns, weaves and designs. extensive range of FR&SR contract fabrics which are available in an assortment of plains, patterns, textures, designs and colours. Supplied double width, 300cm and fully washable.

Customers come to us with everything from detailed, sometimes send us a physical product they’d like us to recreate or even provide sketch of a product that needs a specialized cover. 

"Commercial fabric is any type of textile fabric that is used in a commercial environment or application. In most cases, these type of fabrics are woven using synthetic fibers or a blend with natural fibers to produce a high-performance and high-grade textile to stand up to extensive wear. Further, many commercial environments require that the fabric meets building code specifications for example non-flammability at standard of 

FR, Met BS 5867, BS 5852, NFPA701,NFPA260 and etc in an high rise or anti-microbial in a hospital."

Upholstery fabric except from FR they have a high standard of performance, as contract fabric is typically rated at a minimum of 30,000 double rubs achieved on an industry standard Martindale or Wyzenbeek test that measures the fabric’s abrasion resistance